Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bOetaRgue's depaRtuRe for petRonas aDveNtuRe teaM 230608

yesteRday 23rd June 2008, we weNt to the aiRpOrt to see aBang's depaRtuRe for the petRonas aDventuRe team...weNt theRe with aYah's caR...me,aRman,HuBBy,aYah,kaMaL,jeO n tiKa...
we stOpped @ masJid sePaNg for maghRib pRayeRs and heaDed to the aiRpOrt afteRwaRds...
we reaChed KLIA, cOupLes of miNutes befOre 8p.m.
Me n KaMaL aCCoMpaNieD aBang fOr LuggaGe cHeck in..
whiLe ayaH n hUbBy weNt to PaRk...

sOOn afteR we gatheR at c17 for aBaNg's bRiefiNg

then its diNNer tiMe...my stOmaCh was aLreaDy siNging with muSiC fROm "i duNno wheRe" :D.

we weNt dOwn to the KLIA's fOOd gaRden n i gOt myseLf a naSi+teLuR bUngKus...nOt that yUmmMMmmmYyyyYy... :(

afteR diNNer we weNt up agaiN..aNd daDDY was sNappiNg piCtuRes like cRazy..at aBout 10p.m sumthing we Had to get baCk as aRman was aLreaDy beCame restLess...so we saiD oUr gOodbYes n weNt baCk...tO my supRise I didn't cry...Like i did last tiMe...wakakaka...mOst pRobabLy i was pRegNant last time...

on oUr way tO the caR...we aCCidentLy met juLie n her fRieNd...(can't reCall his naMe thOugh)...sO we taLKed a whiLe n lateR fOund out that we aRe aLL at the wRong siDe of parKing aRea....ekekekekeke...sO we haD to waLk baCk to the saMe diRectiOn to go to the paRkiNg aREa..

weLL whateVer......dO hoPe aBang wiLL haVE a gReat aNd saFe aDventuRe....

we'LL miss ya uNcLe bOtaK!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

my sOuL..my lOve...my ReasOn foR eveRytHing.. :D

i met my huBby eNd of 2004 wheN i was stiLL in my degRee yeaR, fiNaL seMesteR..we Met in a pLaCe wheRe most of oUr fRieNds met theiR paRtner in Life tOo...

uptOwn daMansaRa.

afteR a yeaR of laugHteR,jOys n etC we deCideD to be witH eaCh otheR "tiLL death dO us paRt". sO weDDiNg pLans weRe maDe, eveRytHing weRe beinG pRepaRed, we saiD "i dO" tO eaCh otheR on the 21st of maRCh 2007, @ masjiD nuRuL hiDayaH, Kg.paNdaN..

21st maRch,2007

aNd ouR weDDiNg reCeptiOn was heLd on the 24th MaRch,2007 @ deWan CeMpaka..aMpaNg seLangOr..... :D

deWan CempaKa..

3 mOnths lateR oN my sisteR's weDDiNg daY...i fOund Out tHat i'm 5 weeKs pRegNant.. How i feLt that tiMe..oNLy goD kNows hOw...sCaRed, deLightfuL, enthusiAst..bLa..bLa..bLa...my mOrNing siCkness was nOt tHat bad thOugh eveRytHiNg I ate will cOme out as sOon as i fiNished my meaLs eveRyday..but stiLL i'LL eat..eat n eat...waKakakak...bUt the best paRt was...hOw my huBby tReated me..aLmOst eveRytHing i cRaved fOr he'LL fiNd or buy foR me..OooOo...hOw I miss tHat tiMe... :D...aNd my sis was aLso pRegNant but i'm 1 mOnth aheaD of beiNg pRegnaNt:P

me n my sis....beiNg pRegNant

aNd on the 10th feBRuaRy, 2008..OuR buNdLe of jOy aRRiVed intO the woRLd, aHmaD aRman asHRaf..weiGht 2.6kg @ hOspital aMpaNg..0921am..

ahmaD aRman ashRaf..oUr litLLe bUndLe of jOy :D

nOw aRman is aLreaDy 4 mOnths oLd..tOO Lazy to wRite abOut ouR famiLy mOmentOs...sO i deCided to bLog..weLL we'll see hOw updateD my bLog will be huh???ekekekeke.....

tiLL my next pOsting...see yaaaa......