Thursday, April 15, 2010

||my perfectly IMPERFECT love||

Nobody is born perfect..
If everybody is born perfect..
we'll be longing for someone who is
why...? simple..
because we are human...

why cant when we say I LOVE YOU..
we really mean it..
arent it is suppose to be..
when we committed ourselves to love someone..
we have to accept that someone..
thru their sick and health..
thru their thick and thin..
thru their ups and downs..

why ruin someone else's life
by saying I LOVE YOU..
but i dont love you anymore..
or i dont love you like before...
it hurts too much to hear that..
and it hurts even more to live with it..

i just dont get it when they say..
I LOVE YOU too much that..
i have to let you go..
why bother saying i love you..

or maybe I LOVE YOU so much..
but i've done things that i'm not proud of..
so i cant be with you..

living in a world where we
forgive and forget..
all these I LOVE YOU..buts...
should not come into our life...
we made it happen...
we are the one who done things..
and we are the one who tends to
NOT TO forget it..moreover forgive it..
why sacrifice on things that does not
demands for sacrifice??
it is silly right??

i'm happy with my life..
a husband who is not perfect..
but he makes my day everyday..
two angels who are also not perfect..
but they make me smile just by seeing they smile
a parents who are not perfect..
but the best parents who raised me up
to become who I am today..
a big brother who is not perfect..
but is always behind me when i need a support..
a sister who is not perfect..
but is the shoulder for me to lean on whenever i need one..
a lil brother who is not perfect..
but sometime could lend me a big help when I needed..

who say i need someone perfect..??
i dont demand perfection...
i dont need perfection...
and I dont see why others need to..

you dont have to be perfect
because you wont be one..
live the life you have with those
imperfect people..
because by the end of the day..
you should see that they doesnt have
to be perfect to make your day..

but..bear in mind...
not everything happens..
the way we want it to happen..
dont put high expectations..
especially towards the person you
want to spend your life with..
cause if it turns the other way around..
you'll find it easy to blame that person..
or yourself..
or you'll find yourself failed to be the person
they want you to be..
or you yourself want to be

to those who blurted I LOVE YOU to someone..
if you dont mean it...
dont ever say it..
what goes around..comes around..
say it ONLY when you mean it..

you are my perfectly IMPERFECT love....

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